NOW OPEN @ Dirty Janes Canberra


It’s been a bumpy road – one hell of a year – but Ducky Shincracker is now up and running at the AMAAAZING Dirty Janes Canberra!

Find us at 80 Collie Street Fyshwick – behind Domayne. We are but one of about 90 fabulous stalls, where you will find the best range of vintage, upcycled and gorgeously imagined treasures.

Ducky’s focus remains on beautiful things, as always. A carefully curated collection of new, pre-loved, vintage-inspired and right proper old original vintage clothing and accessories.

The original vintage collection is, and will likely remain, a small one. I’m super particular about my old stuff – I don’t want to have a smelly overpriced pile of synthetic and damaged old stuff for the sake of it. I seek out treasures, the rarities, and the oddities. It has to be quality, it has to be unique, it has to be exquisite. This means I’m unlikely to start stocking anything from the 80s! My focus (and love affair) is with the edwardian and early twentieth century. That said, if there’s a vision in your head of something you feel will complete your life, send me a message and I will be overjoyed to help you make your vintage dreams come true. I love a good bit of detective work!

The main collection is relatively recent, with an emphasis on quality (again) and the unusual. I love vintage-inspired styling, but will never knock back a beautiful modern piece if it is a thing of beauty. Interesting fabrics and/or construction, great colours/patterns, classic cool black. Workwear (not necessarily to blend in) and play clothes. Elegant dress ups and frocks to picnic in.

Watch this space as I’m looking to bring in some more brand new stock – brands you might no see often in Canberra, or indeed Australia! I’m driven by the lived knowledge that shopping in Canberra can be a little dull, especially if you have a budget – I want to bring new things! Exciting things! Different things! So let me know if there’s a gap you think I might be able to fill. Ducky is always about finding you beautiful things and making your fashion dreams a reality.

I’m also playing with vintage fabrics and embroidery to upcycle and create. New ideas arriving regularly.

And if you’re cleaning our your wardrobe any time soon and wish for your beauties to find new homes where they will be treasured – let me know!