Meh. I am who I am. Canberra based. Suburb ensconced. Blessed with small girl people who have helped me be who I am because they need to feel good about being who they are. It seems self evident that I would find and live a life dedicated to beautiful things, especially old ones, to the point that I’m a bit perplexed as to why it has taken this long. Day job burnout & chronic illness turned out to be a blessing, as I am able to explore what might be if I follow this dream in my head. I’ve always loved to dress fabulously. I’ve always loved history, and the 20th century is my thang (even when I was living in it).

Now I spend my days sewing and working on being able to make the fabulous just the way I see it sparkling in my head. I regret not listening to my nanna more, and asking more questions. In the meantime, I’m asking questions of myself, and of the internet and chasing down beautiful things.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there
    Today I bought a pair of 1943 Royal Australian Navy gabardine trousers from your stall at University House ANU and I am SO happy I did and can’t wait to wear them. Thank you for taking such great care of beautiful vintage clothes and I hope to see more of your stall around Canberra! Best wishes Kristine

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